Bleed Again hail from the South coast of England. Spending the last few years meticulously honing their craft they have earned their reputation for tight, well produced Metal and blistering live shows. 

Having recently completed a successful UK tour the band have returned to the studio to work on their debut album - whilst still taking every opportunity to perform!.

This new album will showcase some of the finest new metal in the UK scene, however just like legends Hatebreed and Trivium the best way to witness Bleed Again is Live...

'We'll see you fuckers on the road! \m/'


"Their no-nonsense aggression through the vocals, guitars and drums from the dominant talent from the band members provides than a solid foundation for the development of their sound and hope for the Metal scene

Metal Temple

"Bleed Again do not require some ‘core’-affixed clumsy description to pigeonhole their brand of straight-up Heavy Metal, the music does the talking and speaks volumes.

Worship Metal

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