Core Of iO are a tech-flavoured modern rock band from the U.K. Formed out of the ashes of various projects and some random coincidences, the quartet met with the intention of writing cohesive songs whilst pushing the boundaries of their own musicianship. 

After releasing the debut single "It's All Yours" in late 2013, Core of Io have built up a reputation of relentless work ethic and an emphatic live show whilst clocking up over 40 gigs, two singles an E.P release and BBC airplay in their first year.

Continuing this non-stop approach 2014 & 15 Core Of iO have dropped several new videos and the release of the first part of their E.P quadrilogy - Callisto IV.


"In a flurry of riffs clearly influenced by the likes of SikTh and Fall Of Troy, Core Of iO emerge with their free-form EP effort With Gravity As My Hostess. Without subscribing to the ‘djent’ camp, they prove themselves equally worthy of pushing forward the barriers of technical metal."
8/10 - Metal Mouth

"Self Assured Tech Flavoured Progressive Rock, Dynamic Intelligent and Dripping with Hooks.
Fans of the Technical and progressive would do well to watch this space."

82% - The Monolith 

"Core of Io mix harmonious proggy rock with darker even more technical metal bordering on Djent. Clearly influenced by the likes of Sikth, The Deftones, Tool and Meshuggah. Tasty guitars, relentless drums and dynamic vocals"
Sound and Motion Mag

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