King Leviathan are a four piece melodic thrash band from Brighton, England.

Devout worshippers of Speed, Violence and The Occult, King Leviathan have spread madness from their inception IN 2014, and in only their first few months of existence this insatiable four headed beast had already laid waste to venues across the country.

Not content with eating their fill of followers in the cities and suburbs of Sheffield, Leeds and Northampton the beast then swathed a path to the south, descending upon Brighton's own 'Mammothfest', devouring the likes of Savage Messiah, Meta-Stasis, Mask Of Judas and Martyr Defiled. After feasting upon the valiant efforts of the champions of metal, culminating in joining Darkest Hour in a final devastation of Brighton in 2014, this new year will be beautifully defiled as the sonic violence of the Cult Of Leviathan spreads throughout 2015 - supporting Malefice, Vehement, Betraeus, Abhorrent Decimation, Wretched Soul and more – playing the hallowed turf of Bloodstock Open Air Festival, and once again spreading the plague to Mammothfest 2015 with Onslaught, Psycroptic, Feed The Rhino and Hang The Bastard!

The Cult Of Leviathan ever grows, the aural contagion of the beasts latest EP ‘The Shrine’ has begun to infect the masses, converting the pure into devout psychopaths of the cult.

Worship the Old Gods!


"Imagine Exodus having a fight with Flayed Disciple in a glass strewn alley, and then you're only half way there…" 

Burning Fist Radio Show

"Take our advice. Grab a copy of The Shrine, crack open a cold beer, maybe find a lion, skin it and wear it’s hide as a loincloth. This is true  Metal and we demand that you dig out that battle-vest and bullet-belt and check these guys out.” 

Worship Metal - Album Of The Week

"Their immense sound really shines through in a bold and technical delivery. Accept and embrace these well-crafted offerings and bring forth their inevitable new masses of deranged worshippers."  

Carina's Music Reviews

"King Leviathan take the best of classic metal Gods, and infuse their own black magic. These guys will play an important part in the future of UK melodic thrash. An outstanding EP." 
Andy Pilkington - Reign Of Fury

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